Pima Lung & Sleep provides the following infographics to educate you about tobacco addiction.

Addiction is when you lose control over the use of a drug. Nicotine in tobacco smoke is what causes you to be addicted to smoking. Tobacco companies make cigarettes so the nicotine gets to your brain very quickly. The faster nicotine gets to your brain, the more addictive it is. Nicotine from the patch or gum gets to your brain more slowly. This is why the patch and gum rarely cause addiction.

Stop Smoking through

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The Triangle of Addiction

It can be hard to quit when you are addicted to tobacco. There are 3 reasons for this. You can think of these as 3 corners of a triangle.

Triangle of Addiction

The Nicotine Cycle: Why Quitting is Hard

The Nicotine Cycle happens when your body and mind crave nicotine. It helps to understand this cycle so you can break it. Here is a picture of this cycle:

Why Quitting is Hard

Risky Thinking

Here are four kinds of risky thinking that often lead back to smoking. If you find yourself having risky thoughts, try replacing them with more helpful thoughts.

Risky Thinking

Triggers and Coping Techniques

The following graphic will help you use coping techniques to combat common triggers.

Triggers and Coping Techniques