Your CPAP & Sleep Study - What to expect
Patient calls Pima Lung & Sleep for appointment.  Patient arrives for a new patient exam.
A sleep study is ordered after your appointment. Sleep study is performed at Pima Lung & Sleep.
Dr. Puri reviews sleep study data. Patient has a follow up appointment with Dr. Puri.
During clinic visit, CPAP is ordered.  Patient is scheduled for CPAP clinic.
CPAP equipment & instructions are given to patient.
After 14 days patient receives a follow up call from Apria. After 30 days patient has a follow up visit to download Smartcard information.
After 45 days, patient receives a questionnaire from Apria. At 90 days, patient visits the clinic and supplies are ordered.
Periodic checkups with Dr. Puri. Always bring your CPAP machine and smart card. Sleep studies may be repeated due to changes.
Patient brings CPAP machine and smart card to every appointment. Patient brings the CPAP unit to ALL appointments with Dr. Puri
Stable CPAP patients visit Dr. Puri every 6 months. Intolerant CPAP patients will folllow up as scheduled.
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