New Patient Registration

This page is for New Patients who have been scheduled a New Patient consultation appointment. If you have not been scheduled please call (520) 229-8878 to find out what your next steps are.


Below is a link that will take you to 'Simple Admit' where you can answer questions about your past medical history and provide us with the information that we require to make your appointment timely. Completing this survey as soon as possible will ensure that the doctor has time to review your answers before your appointment.


The form must be completed in its entirety; you may call the office if any questions arise that you cannot answer. You are encouraged to start the survey now and you will be able to save your responses to complete the form later if you run out of time.


You will first be asked to 'enter a password.' This is referring to the the password that was given to you by a New Patient coordinator over the phone or otherwise a password that was given to you on an appointment card by the front desk.



Simple Admit Start New Patient Registration Here